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Psychotherapy in San Francisco

Bay Area CBT Center

Transformative Psychotherapy

Effective Psychotherapists in San Francisco

If you’re searching for psychotherapy in San Francisco, the Bay Area CBT Center offers the highest quality therapy, supported by decades of expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and evidence-based treatments. 

You’ll benefit from a perfect blend of personalized care and scientific rigor as our dedicated clinicians guide you toward meaningful change through actionable steps.

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Holistic Psychotherapy in San Francisco

Active and Integrative Approach to Therapy

We are a dedicated team of mental health professionals committed to providing evidence-based psychotherapy in San Francisco. We will guide you towards profound behavioral and emotional growth. 

Our holistic approach to therapy transcends mere insight, focusing instead on actionable change and experiential learningWe understand that for true growth, you must engage directly with new behaviors, experimenting and practicing ways to interact differently with your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and internal experiences. 

Our Psychotherapy Services

Our psychotherapy offerings for individuals, couples, and groups—both online and in-person—are meticulously designed to guide you through overcoming a variety of mental health issues.

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Individual Therapy

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Online Therapy

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Couples Therapy

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Groups & Workshops

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Executive Coaching

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Conditions We Treat

In-Person & Online Psychotherapy

At Bay Area CBT Therapy, we are committed to ensuring that therapy is accessible to everyone, embracing the diverse backgrounds and identities of our clients, including those from the LGBTQ+ community and underrepresented groups. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, providing respectful and affirming care that acknowledges and celebrates our distinct experiences.


Integrative, Holistic, Effective Psychotherapy

At the Bay Area CBT Center, we redefine the journey to mental wellness.

Mental Health Conditions We Treat

Some issues we address include stress, complex trauma, grief, Narcissistic Abuse Syndrome, loneliness and alienation, interpersonal schemas, motivation and attention difficulties, derealization, modern dating and relationships, perfectionism and dorsal vagal shutdown. Below are some more issues we address.

Our Groups & Workshops

Discover unparalleled, innovative groups, workshops, and retreats designed to inspire and transform

Explore Psychotherapy With Us!

Beyond Insight to Action

Behavioral: Change doesn’t just come from understanding things differently; it requires you to take action. Our therapy combines insight  with practical experiences, giving you a place to try out new ways of acting and thinking.

Personalized: We ensure your therapy is tailored to your unique needs, helping you move past life’s challenges towards a brighter future.

Effective: Achieve your mental health goals quickly with our expert team. Not satisfied with your therapist match? We’ll re-match you for free, ensuring your journey to well-being is seamless and supported.

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Integrative Psychotherapy

Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy

Our center excels in weaving together a spectrum of therapeutic modalities, from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Somatic Psychology and Mindfulness-Based Techniques, creating personalized, holistic treatment plans for profound healing.

Cutting-Edge, Research-Based Care​

At the Bay Area CBT Center, we are dedicated to evidence-based practice, staying at the forefront of the latest psychological research to ensure our clients benefit from the most effective, scientifically backed treatments available.

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Our Guarantee: Perfect Therapist Match

Discover top-tier psychotherapy in San Francisco with our specialized service, dedicated to connecting you with an ideally matched therapist whos the perfect fit for you.

We know how to make the perfect match :  Achieve your mental health goals quickly with our expert team. Not satisfied with your therapist match? We’ll re-match you for free, ensuring your journey to well-being is seamless and supported.

Meet Our Team
of Therapists in San Francisco

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Avigail Lev, PsyD

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Molly Keirein, PsyD

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Vesal Vakili, LMFT

Portrait of a smiling Asian woman with long hair, wearing a black top, set against a light green background in San Francisco.

Lian Zhu, PhD

A close-up portrait of a smiling caucasian woman with blonde hair, wearing a white shirt, set against a green background in San Francisco.

Lori Sparrow, LMFT

A bald man with a beard, smiling, wearing a dark suit, with a blurred green background in San Francisco.

Brandon Mason, PsyD

A woman with long dark hair, smiling, wearing a white embroidered blouse, and a turquoise necklace, stands in front of a blurred green background in San Francisco.

Manmeet Rattu, PsyD

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Jacqueline Robertson, LMFT

Our Promise

Check Out Our Books

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in the Bay Area. You could say we wrote the books on it.

Science-Backed Psychotherapy

Experience evidence-based psychotherapy at the Bay Area CBT Center. Explore innovative techniques designed to optimize mental well-being.

Beyond Surface-Level Solutions: Embracing True Healing

We offer a variety of different therapeutic modalities, all backed by science, ensuring personalized treatment tailored to your needs and preferences. Discover why we’re the premier choice for evidence-based psychotherapy in San Francisco.

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