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Procrastination & Indecision

Procrastination Treatment

Do your struggle with completing your tasks and goals on time? Do you often fail to meet important deadlines? Do you find yourself making excuses and delaying getting things done? While we all desire to take effective action and realize our full potential, we often struggle with perfectionism, fear, doubt, and avoidance.


Procrastination is not a weakness or a character flaw that needs to be eliminated; it’s a style of functioning that can be perfected. Procrastination is a skill.

Our individual personality styles play a role in the way we manage time and complete tasks. Some people benefit from having tighter time limitations and higher levels of anxiety in order to motivate and utilize time efficiently. The key is to learn effective procrastination. Author John Perry describes his strategy for effective procrastination through his process of utilizing “structured procrastination.” If you are struggling with procrastination and managing time, we can help you build the skills to procrastinate effectively, get tasks accomplished, decrease avoidance, decrease guilt related to procrastination, and increase time management skills.

What are the signs?

  • Chronic lateness
  • Poor time management
  • Putting off tasks
  • Difficulty meeting deadlines
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Difficulty prioritizing and accomplishing tasks
  • Making excuses and distracting from completing important tasks

We can help you:

  • Learn problem-solving skills
  • Learn strategies for making effective decisions
  • Decrease avoidant behaviors
  • Decrease behaviors that move you toward immediate gratification
  • Build healthier relationships with yourself and others
  • End the tendency to let perfectionism or fear of failure stop you from taking action
  • Understand how you can free yourself from the stories that keep you limited and stuck
  • Tolerate difficult and distressing emotions
  • Learn effective strategies for decision making
  • Learn skills to cope with feelings of uncertainty and being overwhelmed
  • Take action in moments of uncertainty
  • Learn organization skills
  • Learn time management skills

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