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Group Therapy & Workshops

In-Person & Online Groups & Workshops To Build Skills and Intimacy

How To Begin Group Therapy

To explore the possibility of joining one of our group therapy workshops, you can sign up or schedule a time to chat over the phone with our care coordinator to discuss your needs.

You can also email us at to schedule a free consult. In this consultation session, we will discuss your concerns, evaluate your needs, and provide you with a good sense of what our group offers and how it functions. Together we will explore whether a particular group is the right “fit” for you. We believe it is important to find both a therapist and a group that is a good fit for you and meets your needs.

If we believe that we can work well together, and if we agree on the target goals for therapy as well as the approach we will take, we will then have you join the group and introduce you to the members.