What We Treat

anxiety stress therapy

Anxiety, Stress & Chronic Worry

anxiety attack counseling oakland

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder

body image issues

Body Image Issues

career life transitions

Career & Life Transitions

trauma ptsd

Complex Trauma & PTSD



emotional dysregulation

Emotional Dysregulation & Impulse Control

grief and loss

Grief & Loss

low self esteem compassion

Low Self-Esteem & Self-Doubt

ocd treatment

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)



cbt therapy treatment services therapy

Procrastination & Indecision

interpersonal relationship issues

Relationship & Communication Problems

social anxiety

Social Anxiety


Trichotillomania & Dermatillomania

job burnout satisfaction

Work-Related Stress & Job Burnout

Remote Therapy Sessions

Remote sessions available: Chat with your therapist or coach over video or phone.

CE Webinars

Continuing education options. Expand your skills and facilitate even better outcomes for your patients.