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Panic Attack Therapy

Panic Disorder Therapy at Bay Area CBT Center

Having a panic attack can be an extremely scary experience. During a panic attack you may feel as if you have no control over your body and the sensations that are arising. You may fear that you are dying, having a heart attack, that you will humiliate yourself, or even that you might be going crazy.

At the Bay Area CBT Center, we specialize in transforming lives through advanced panic attack therapy and comprehensive panic disorder treatment. Our clinic stands at the forefront of applying proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to alleviate the intense effects of panic attacks and restore peace and stability to your life.

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What is a Panic Attack

A panic attack hits you like a wave, bringing on a torrent of uncomfortable physical sensations alongside overwhelming fear and distress. It’s an intense bout of anxiety and panic that spikes within minutes and can linger anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. 

With panic disorder, it’s not enough to just experience a panic attack; there has to be an ongoing fear and fixation on the possibility of its return. Panic disorder spirals out from the fear of having more panic attacks, leading someone to dodge certain places and people to avoid triggering another episode.

The Science Behind Effective Panic Attack Therapy

At its core, panic disorder is essentially a fear of the body’s natural responses. It begins when you start to see the physical signs of the fight-or-flight response—like a racing heart, sweating, or feeling faint—as threats. This fear of the physical sensations leads to a cycle of fear and avoidance, steering clear of any situation that might set off these feelings again.

This avoidance of bodily sensations drives panic disorder, highlighting why exposure therapy is an effective solution. This approach is grounded in the science of habituation, where repeated, controlled exposure to these sensations teaches you that the outcomes you fear are manageable. Over time, this reduces your anxiety and helps break the cycle of panic.

A person stands with a confused expression, clutching their chest with one hand and holding their head with the other, clearly experiencing a panic attack. Swirling lines near their head suggest dizziness or disorientation.

What are the signs of panic attacks?

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Achieve Relief with Expert Panic Disorder Treatment

Together, we’ll dig into the roots of your panic, unpacking the behaviors that keep your symptoms alive and the significant role that avoiding certain situations plays. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of tracking and monitoring everything from your triggers and thoughts to your feelings, social anxiety, and your actions throughout the week. 

With your therapist, you’ll map out an exposure hierarchy to gently face the feared situations and the physical sensations you’ve been steering clear of. To gear up for this, we’ll arm you with coping strategies like deep breathing, envisioning a safe space, and practicing mindfulness. These tools are not just about facing your physiological reactions head-on but also about forging a new, more peaceful relationship with your body’s responses.

Our Panic Attack Therapy Can Help You:

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CBT For Panic Attacks

Overcome Panic Disorder Today

Ready to break free from the cycle of panic and fear? At our center, we’re committed to guiding you through each step of reclaiming your peace and confidence. By mastering effective coping strategies and exposure techniques, you’ll learn to navigate your physiological responses and transform your relationship with anxiety.

Don’t let panic disorder dictate your life. Join us and start your journey toward empowerment and resilience. With our expert therapists by your side, you’ll discover new strengths and build a foundation for lasting change.

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