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Sex Therapy

Reignite Passion and Pleasure

Elevate Your Sex Life with Expert Sex Therapy

At Bay Area CBT Center, we invite you to explore a unique and holistic approach to sex therapy that combines traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with integrative, science-backed methods. Our dedicated team is here to enhance your sex life and emotional intimacy, offering tailored therapeutic techniques that deepen your connection with your desires and improve your sexual experiences.

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Discover our holistic, integrative path to better sex

Our sex therapy approach considers the intricate balance of mind, body, and emotions, ensuring a holistic approach to improving your sex life. By combining the latest scientific insights with a personalized touch, we address your unique psychological, physical, and emotional needs, striving to heighten your sexual pleasure and relationship dynamics.

We offer sex therapy for individuals, couples, and provide flexible online video sessions as well as hybrid options to ensure accessibility and convenience. Take the first step towards a healthier and more fulfilling life by scheduling your first session with us today!

Sex therapy can help you with:

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Unlock the secrets of enhanced sexual pleasure

In our sex therapy sessions, we focus on how ingrained limiting beliefs, known as schemas, impact your sex life. We help you identify and reshape these beliefs to improve intimacy and create healthier, more fulfilling sexual experiences. By addressing these deep-seated issues, our therapy not only improves your sexual relationships but also boosts your overall confidence.

Our expert sex therapists assist you in overcoming these barriers, enhancing your ability to be present and explore your desires more freely. With our support, you’ll discover a path to a more satisfying and liberated sexual life.

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Discover body awareness with somatic sex therapy

Unlock profound levels of pleasure through heightened body awareness with our sex therapy. Our somatic therapy techniques help you attune deeply to your body’s signals, enhancing pleasure and connection during sexual activities. 

These practices allow for a fuller understanding and appreciation of your physical responses, leading to a more gratifying sexual experience. Our expert sex therapists will guide you in embracing a deeper, more satisfying sexual journey, fostering greater personal empowerment and enriched intimate connections.


How to Start Sex Therapy With Us!

Your Path to Healing Begins Here.
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We’ll match you with a therapist who fits your requirements.

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Advanced Sex Therapy Techniques

Co-regulation in Sex Therapy

Sexual intimacy flourishes when emotional and physical responses are synchronized between partners. Our co-regulation techniques in sex therapy, provide you with the essential skills to align and harmonize your emotional states with your partner. This approach not only boosts emotional intimacy but also enhances sexual satisfaction, deepening the connection in your relationship and making your intimate moments more fulfilling.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Sex Therapy

Understanding the role of the vagus nerve in regulating stress and relaxation is crucial for improving sexual pleasure. Our sex therapy sessions include targeted vagus nerve stimulation techniques that help promote a state of relaxation, reduce anxiety, and create an optimal environment for enjoyable and satisfying sexual experiences. By integrating these techniques into your therapy, we facilitate a deeper relaxation that can transform your sexual life, allowing for more profound and pleasurable encounters.

Behavioral Interventions in Sex Therapy

Our behavioral interventions encourage safe, consensual exploration of your sexual desires. This supportive environment fosters an open dialogue and exploration, allowing you to express and experiment with your sexuality. By helping you communicate more effectively, these interventions empower you to confidently engage with and fulfill your partner's desires, enhancing the overall satisfaction and creativity within your sexual relationship.

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Empower yourself with trauma-informed sex therapy

At Bay Area CBT Center, we offer trauma-informed sex therapy designed with your safety and healing in mind. This approach creates a nurturing environment that focuses on overcoming the effects of trauma to restore your sexual well-being. 

Through a blend of cognitive-behavioral techniques, mindfulness, and somatic experiencing, we guide you in processing traumatic experiences, rebuilding trust, and reclaiming your autonomy over your body and sexual experiences. Our therapy empowers you to redefine what intimacy and pleasure mean to you, facilitating a deep and enduring healing journey.

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Enhance intimacy with sensate focus sex therapy

Sensate focus is a foundational element of our sex therapy offerings at Bay Area CBT Center. This technique is expertly designed to address and resolve sexual issues while significantly enhancing sensory experiences between partners. Through a carefully structured series of guided exercises that prioritize touch and physical sensations, sensate-focused sex therapy encourages a slow, deliberate exploration of each other’s bodies. 

This method effectively reduces performance anxiety and heightens intimate connections, allowing partners to discover new dimensions of pleasure in a pressure-free environment. By focusing on mutual touch and sensation, sensate focus fosters a deeper trust and intimacy, making it a powerful tool in enriching the sensual dynamics of any relationship.


Why Choose Sex Therapy at Bay Area CBT Center?

We understand that taking the first step towards treatment can be daunting. That’s why we’ve created a supportive and compassionate environment where you can feel safe to explore your sexuality.

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Specialized Expertise

At the Bay Area CBT Center, our therapists possess specialized expertise in sex therapy, underpinned by extensive research and experience with hundreds of couples. We are recognized experts in the field, having authored books specifically designed to enhance couples' relationships.

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Experiential Techniques

Our expert sex therapists employ behavioral and experiential techniques that teach you practical skills and tools to revolutionize your sex life. Our approach allows you to learn by doing, engaging on a visceral level to effect meaningful changes in your relationship to pleasure.

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Science-Backed Therapy

At the Bay Area CBT Center, we deeply respect the sensitive nature of sex therapy. That's why we only use scientifically proven methods. With our approach firmly grounded in research, we ensure effectiveness while addressing each individual's unique needs. 

Start Enhancing Your Sex Life Today!

At Bay Area CBT Center, we prioritize your sexual pleasure and intimacy. Our experienced therapists provide a supportive, non-judgmental setting, empowering you to achieve the joyful and satisfying sex life you deserve. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and begin your transformative journey.

Elevate your sex life with the power of integrative, science-backed sex therapy at Bay Area CBT Center. Your journey to enhanced sexual pleasure and deeper intimacy starts here.

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