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Executive & Business Coaching in the Bay Area

We Offer In-Person and Online CBT Coaching For CEO's, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs

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Executive Career Coaching - Leadership

As an executive leader, managing immense responsibility can be isolating and taxing. Effective leaders recognize their strengths and weaknesses, maximizing their potential. We guide you in understanding and leveraging these attributes for optimal performance. Together, we identify core values, formulating an executive action plan tailored to your organization. Our goal? Enhance leadership, foster work/life balance, boost morale, improve the work environment, and bolster your bottom line.

cbt executive coaching for co-founders

Co-Founder Coaching

As a cofounder, you and your partner(s) complement each other in your vision, knowledge, and expertise, but different personality styles and values may strain your ability to work well together. Relationship problems can be a primary reason that start-ups fail. Our business coaches will help you develop tools and strategies to identify, address, and overcome barriers and differences as well as to affirm mutual strengths. A key part of this process involves recognizing, acknowledging, and acting upon your values—both as an individual and a partner.


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Executive Team Coaching

Personality conflicts and dynamics disrupt the productivity and effectiveness of executive teams, which then filters down through the entire organization. Personal frustration of individual team members stymies vital interaction, clear communication, and essential collaboration. Identifying values lies at the core of our executive coaching. We assess different individual beliefs and patterns within the team, providing feedback for both individual team members and the entire team in order to create optimal functioning and effectiveness. We work with the whole person and the whole team—that is, with both strengths and weaknesses—to enable and energize the team to become more cohesive and productive.


public speaking coaching in San Francisco and throughout California

Public Speaking Coaching

Do fear, anxiety, and panic dominate when you need to give public presentations? Our business coaches will assist you in identifying your self-sabotaging beliefs and feelings, and help you work through them so you can deliver those presentations as your best self. Through changing your relationship to fear, you can learn to accept your physical sensations and use fear as your ally to help you optimize your public speaking.

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Entrepreneurial Coaching

As an entrepreneur, you face unique challenges. You may consider yourself an imposter or “not good enough.” You may feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and alone, which can short-circuit your ability to achieve goals. We assist you in confronting these beliefs and help articulate your core values, essential for goal realization. Beyond typical business coaching, we emphasize mindfulness, empowering you to address personal hurdles and focus on what truly matters. Unlike other more business-oriented entrepreneur coaches, we enable you to be more mindful in order to deal with your self-imposed obstacles and to commit to doing what’s important to you. Mindfulness increases “psychological flexibility,” which vitalizes you in life and work and helps you achieve success in your entrepreneurial endeavors.


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