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Grief Counseling

Bay Area CBT Center

Start Healing with Grief Counseling at Bay Area CBT Center

Grief is a profound and often overwhelming experience that affects individuals in diverse and complex ways. At Bay Area CBT Center, we understand the depth of sorrow and the range of emotions that accompany loss. Our grief counseling services are designed to support you through this challenging time, providing a compassionate and understanding environment where healing can begin.

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Grief Therapy: Compassionate Support for Healing and Recovery

Experiencing moments of loss and grief is an unavoidable part of life. We all encounter significant loss at some point in our lives. A loss may be a diagnosis of an illness (for ourselves or a loved one), the end of a friendship or romantic relationship, or the death of a partner, friend, pet, colleague or family member. 

These losses activate feelings of grief. Subtle and less obvious losses or transitions—such as relocating, changing employment, graduating from school, or losing a physical ability—may also result in feelings of grief.

Understanding Grief & Loss

Symptoms of grief follow standard stages that are needed to fully process the loss. If you don’t process your grief and move through the stages effectively, you may develop prolonged grief. Symptoms of prolonged grief are more severe in intensity and duration and may look like signs of major depression.

What are the signs of grief?

Signs of prolonged grief

Integrative Grief Counseling at Bay Area CBT Center

At Bay Area CBT Center, we understand that grief is a multifaceted experience that can impact every aspect of your life. To address the complexities of grief, we offer an integrative approach to grief counseling, combining elements from Existential Therapy, Somatic Techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This holistic approach is designed to help you find meaning and purpose after experiencing tragedy and loss.

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