Organizational Coaching

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Team Effectiveness Skills Coaching

Effective teamwork in tech start-ups is essential, yet interpersonal dynamics often prevent optimal functioning. By using individual and team assessments that identify group norms and patterns, we enable the team to be more collaborative and effective. We ensure, for example, that each team member has an equal opportunity to speak in meetings. We also evaluate whether a team is psychologically safe so that team members feel confident they won’t be rejected or criticized. If the team environment feels unsafe, we determine how to create the interpersonal trust and respect needed for the team to strive and thrive together. We help teams choose values, such as “compassion” or “understanding,” to guide their interactions and create their preferred working environment. Cooperatively determining the group’s dynamics and direction plays an essential role in facilitating effectiveness and performance.

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Work Shadowing

We offer shadow coaching one-on-one, in team modes, or a combination of both. Depending on the needs of the organization, we can combine work shadowing with general team development to improve leadership and team performance across the board. We observe the core dynamics, identify problematic patterns, and provide effective solutions to maximize performance. Our expertise in organizational group dynamics offers a fresh perspective on resolving issues that impede effectiveness. Through the process of identifying values—both of the organization and individual employees—we develop solutions that are more likely to succeed because they are based on shared core values rather than solutions that are externally imposed.

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Employee Performance Coaching

The goal of employee coaching is to solve performance problems and improve the work of the employee, the team, and, ultimately, the organization. For employees who are unable to make the necessary behavioral changes to improve their performance, we offer a consistent balance of constructive and clear feedback about their problems in order to keep them motivated. Employees have a number of needs: to know where they stand, to sense that have some influence, to feel that they can progress. We provide clear criteria that employees need to meet in order to succeed—and have their needs (and those of the organization) met. Most of us have an innate desire to grow, progress, and succeed. Much of our self-worth comes from our work and our contributions. We tap into these realities by helping employees clarify their values and articulate how their values align with those of the organization. By doing this, employees are more likely to be intrinsically motivated to perform optimally. In short, we help define the performance problem; identify individual values and organizational values—and where the two overlap; assess barriers; create a plan for improvement; track and monitor behavioral changes; and follow up on outcomes.

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Post-Acquisition Integration Coaching

Often when start-ups are acquired, differences between the culture of the start-up and the company that acquires it receive insufficient attention. This can lead to higher turnover, increased stress, and decreased morale. We assess the norms and cultures, and work with individuals and teams to build an integrated culture that instills the optimism, resiliency, and efficacy needed for future corporate success.

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On-Site Psychologist & Placement Solutions

If your organization is seeking an in-house mental health specialist on a part time or full time basis, we can provide you with a clinical psychologist who has proficiency and advanced knowledge of the psychology of organizations. We will conduct a needs assessment of your organization’s culture and mental health needs, and then recruit and provide psychologists who practice empirically supported techniques. They can also provide workshops based on particular areas of interest, such as insomnia, imposter syndrome, or how to cope with perfectionism.

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Free Sessions

We're offering free and low fee therapy for a limited time to individuals who are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic who can't afford therapy.

CE Webinars

Continuing education options. Expand your skills and facilitate even better outcomes for your patients.