Building Intimacy and Improving Communication with Schema Awareness

Schema Awareness Therapy for Couples

Dates and times: Sundays 4:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m.
Duration: 12 weeks
Cost: $65 per session
Participants: Limited to four couples

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Group Couples Therapy

Utilize Interpersonal Schemas Questionnaire to Identify Your Schemas (core beliefs) in Relationships

We maintain small group sizes to promote an intimate healing space.

Learn New Coping Skills and Communication Strategies

This is a unique group psychotherapy experience for couples who have a desire to learn new coping skills and communication strategies. Group members will take an interpersonal schemas questionnaire to identify their schemas (core beliefs) in relationships. You will learn to identify your triggers, schemas that you have in your relationship, and gain an understanding of your behavioral responses and how they contribute to a negative cycle in your relationship.

Practice of New Behaviors

This group is both a skills-based group and a process group. This means that each session will include learning new skills, practicing new behaviors, and exploring feedback from other couples in the group. You will learn to recognize themes and patterns in your relationship and identify the core beliefs that are getting in the way of changing your behaviors and being the kind of partner you want to be. In order to break painful relationship patterns, you will learn mindfulness skills to observe your negative thoughts and identify the behaviors that hurt your relationships.

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