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Relationship Schemas Quiz

The following questionnaire will help you determine which schemas are most relevant for you in relationships.

Schemas are core beliefs or stories that we have developed about ourselves and others in relationships. When we are unware of these stories we are more likely to engage in behaviors that create a self-fulfilling prophecy and reinforce these beliefs. Your responses can provide you with insight into your relationship patterns and dynamics as well as information that will help you communicate effectively and have more well-rounded relationships.

Note: This questionnaire is for informational purposes only and is not intended to function as a psychological assessment or a clinical diagnosis. If you have any questions about your results, please speak with a qualified health professional. This quiz is for self-reflection and not a diagnostic tool. It’s essential to consult with a mental health professional for a comprehensive assessment and appropriate support.


We are conducting some cool research about schemas and would really appreciate your participation. If you’re willing to have your results used in our anonymous research studies, please answer a few questions after you have taken this questionnaire. We would greatly appreciate your participation.


For each statement, choose the answer that best describes you. At the end of the questionnaire you will receive your results for each schema and how it may be impacting your relationships.

This questionnaire has 110 questions on 4 pages.


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1. It’s difficult for me to spend time away from my partner.
2. I feel a lot of shame about myself.
3. I rarely get my way with others.
4. It’s difficult for me to accomplish daily tasks without help.
5. I often need reassurance from others before making decisions.
6. I rarely find someone who can truly understand me or empathize with me.
7. I am good at prioritizing my own needs above others.
8. Most people cannot be trusted.
9. I feel unsatisfied and disappointed in myself if I don’t meet my standards.
10. People give up on me.
11. I expect nothing less than perfection from myself.
12. I often feel flawed, unattractive, or deficient in some way.
13. There are things wrong with me that I fear others will discover.
14. I do things I don't want to do in order to avoid disappointing others.
15. It’s difficult for me to make important decisions on my own.
16. I often feel rejected by people.
17. I feel guilty saying “no” to others.
18. I feel guilty if I make my needs a priority.
19. I frequently feel left out of groups.
20. I am not able to live up to my full potential.
21. I feel very different and separated from others.
22. I feel controlled by others.
23. I fear that others will discover that there's something wrong with me.
24. I get frustrated and angry when people don't see things my way.
25. I make more mistakes than others.
26. It’s hard for me to be alone for too long.
27. I get angry when things don't go the way I want them to.
28. I need assistance from certain people in order to get things done.
29. I fear that others will mislead or manipulate me.
30. I need to be careful and guarded with people and what I share with them.


This quiz is for self-reflection and not a diagnostic tool. It’s essential to consult with a mental health professional for a comprehensive assessment and appropriate support.