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Book Your Free 15 Minute Consult With Our Client Care Coordinator

We are happy to help!

If you’re interested in scheduling a free phone consultation with our client care coordinator, please select an appointment using the scheduler below. You will receive a confirmation email once the appointment has been booked.

What You Can Expect During the Call

Our client care coordinator will call you on the day of your appointment. Our typical protocol is to have a 15-minute call to discuss your needs, logistics, and describe our approach. After gaining an understanding of your situation our client care coordinator will schedule an appointment with a therapist who is the right fit for you.
If after you have met with your therapist you are not happy with who you were matched with, you can book another 15-minute phone consult with our client care coordinator to schedule an appointment with a different therapist within our clinic or to receive referrals to therapists outside the clinic.

Fees per Session

$275- $350 Individual Therapy (50-minutes)
$350- $400 Couples Therapy (60-minutes)
$100- $150 Group Therapy (90-minutes)

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