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Online Ketamine Therapy

Psychedelic Therapy in California for Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Stress

Ketamine therapy from the comfort of your home!

Virtual Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy

Struggling with the limitations of traditional talk therapy? Discover how online Ketamine therapy (KAP), expertly combined with Evidence-Based Therapy, can help you take control of your happiness. 

The Bay Area CBT Center offers effective online Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy in California. Our holistic approach provides customized, science-backed care for profound transformation. 

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A Revolutionary Approach to Ketamine Therapy Online

Integrating Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Unlike traditional talk therapy, we embrace a broader, more integrative approach. Our practice integrates the cutting-edge method of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy into the treatment framework, offering a holistic and evidence-based pathway to healing.

Our clients have experienced lasting positive outcomes through our ketamine program, testament to the transformative power of an approach that ventures beyond the confines of conventional talk therapy in mental health treatment.

Transforming Mental Health Conditions with Online Ketamine Therapy

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Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Heal from trauma, as over 60% of patients find significant relief with ketamine.


Discover a path to joy, with 75% of treatment-resistant patients improving significantly after ketamine therapy.

Chronic Stress

Find calm and resilience, as ketamine shows a 60% reduction in stress symptoms.

Anxiety Disorders

Experience rapid symptom reduction, with 70% of clients reporting significant relief after ketamine work.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Break free from repetitive thoughts, with a 50% reduction in OCD symptoms post-ketamine treatment.

Mood Disorders:

Achieve stability, with 50% of individuals benefiting from ketamine’s mood-balancing effects.

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Legal Status of At-Home Ketamine Therapy in California

Rest assured, ketamine online therapy is legal for medical use in California. However, a prescription from a licensed physician is required for ketamine therapy. 

At-home ketamine treatment is closely supervised by a licensed psychiatric clinician to ensure safety and effectiveness. Additionally, the ketamine therapy administration is regulated through informed consent and detailed treatment records, further safeguarding your well-being.

The Science Behind the Ketamine Healing Process

Symptom Reduction with KAP

Ketamine’s effectiveness as a mental health treatment is due to its unique ability to restructure brain activity. Clinical evidence supports the safety and efficacy of online ketamine-assisted therapy, showing substantial relief of depression and anxiety. Our online ketamine treatments, including oral ketamine, are grounded in the most current scientific understanding, with tailored therapy plans based on continuous research and evidence in neuroscience and mental health.

Enhanced Neuroplasticity with Ketamine Therapy 

Following ketamine treatment, a phase of heightened neuroplasticity occurs, providing a prime opportunity for effective integration of new therapeutic concepts and behavioral patterns. The ketamine experience, complemented by medicine sessions, offers a unique synergy with other treatments and other medications, fostering true healing. In this safe space, self-compassion flourishes, paving the way for lasting transformation.


How to Start Virtual Ketamine Therapy

Start Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Now!

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Steps of Online Ketamine Treatment

1. Virtual Appointment for Initial Ketamine Evaluation

Starting your online ketamine therapy begins with the initial consultation. This consultation can is conducted virtually to assess your needs and assess fit. 

During this appointment, a comprehensive evaluation of your mental health history, current symptoms, and specific treatment goals is carried out. Our specialized assessment tailors therapy to your unique case and ensures its suitability for various mental health conditions.

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2. The Ketamine Administration Process

The ketamine administration process follows the initial consultation. In California, at-home ketamine treatments often involve a sublingual tablet method, where the patient places the tablet to dissolve in the mouth for 10 to 15 minutes. 

The effects of sublingual ketamine are generally experienced within minutes after the tablet has dissolved and the residual substance is expelled.

Dosage schedules for ketamine treatments are personalized, taking into account the patient’s metabolic rate and sensitivity to the medication.

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3. Post-Session Integration Support

A vital aspect of the treatment process is integrating ketamine therapy into daily life. It’s not only about attending therapy sessions but also about reflecting on the experiences and applying the insights gained during the sessions.

Our licensed ketamine therapists will help you understand your experiences and build new behavioral patterns, ensuring effective post-session integration.

Integration therapy serves as a bridge that connects the experiences during a ketamine session with everyday life, transforming moments of insight into lasting changes in thoughts and feelings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ketamine, traditionally used as an anesthetic, has seen off-label application in addressing mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. This medication exhibits rapid-onset antidepressant and mood-elevating effects, often appearing within 1-2 hours post-administration and persisting for up to 2 weeks. Its mechanism involves blocking NMDA receptors in the brain while also stimulating AMPA receptors, believed to foster the formation of new synaptic connections and enhance neural circuits governing stress and mood regulation. Additionally, Ketamine demonstrates the ability to augment overall neuroplasticity, contributing to sustained symptom amelioration.
  • Various administration methods exist for Ketamine, including IV infusion, intramuscular injection, sublingual lozenges, and nasal spray. In partnership with Journey Clinical, we exclusively offer the sublingual lozenge format. This option proves advantageous for individuals ineligible for Spravato and tends to offer greater cost-effectiveness compared to IV or IM alternatives in the long term.
  • The effects of ketamine, which many patients describe as enjoyable, typically endure for around 45 minutes. These effects may induce a sense of detachment from the body and lead to shifts in perception that feel expansive. During this time, your motor and verbal skills may be diminished, necessitating a comfortable reclined position. Following the subsiding of these effects, the remaining portion of our session will be dedicated to providing you with the opportunity to reflect on and discuss your experience. While articulating the events of the encounter may prove challenging, patients often find the insights gained to be profound. Research indicates that the mood-enhancing and neurologically beneficial effects of ketamine can persist for up to two weeks following the experience.
  1. Consultation to determine eligibility for ketamine
  2. Preparation sessions to align on process and set intention
  3. KAP Dosing Session (2-3 hours) online from your home. During a dosing session, you will self-administer your ketamine lozenge in your home. Although a KAP dosing session may be largely an internal experience, a therapist will be present with you the entire time to hold space and provide support as needed.
  4. Integration Sessions
  5. Follow-up consultation
  1. In-Person Ketamine Therapy
  2. At-Home Ketamine Therapy
  3. Couples Ketamine Therapy 
  4. Group Ketamine Therapy
  5. Ketamine Therapy Retreats

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

  • Dosing session is typically 3 hours: $900 
  • Group dosing session may be available (6 people required): $300 each
  • Preparation and integration sessions $300 for each 50-minute session. 
  • Research has demonstrated a series of 6-8 dosing sessions over the course of 2-3 months are used to experienced reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety. Treatment series maybe repeated as needed.
  • Superbill available, and typically eligible for insurance reimbursement.

Ketamine Administration Medical Costs

  • Medical Intake: $350 (One time fee, reimbursable through out-of-network)
  • Cost of Ketamine Lozenges: $85 for approximately 4-6 lozenges 
  • Book your free consult to start the process of assessing your fit for Ketmine Therapy. 

Our Promise

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We Have Authored Books On Our Groundbreaking Approach 

Unlock Deep, Meaningful Healing with Online Ketamine Therapy

Online ketamine-assisted therapy in California is revolutionizing the way we approach mental health care. By combining the unique properties of ketamine with integrative therapy, this innovative approach offers a personalized path towards mental wellness.

Beyond Surface-Level Solutions: Embracing True Healing

Through initial consultations, therapy sessions, and post-session integration support, you are guided on a transformative journey towards improved mental health. With the convenience of at-home therapy sessions and the support of trained clinicians, online ketamine therapy is a promising solution to enhance your mental wellness.


The Role of Licensed Clinicians in Your Ketamine Work

Licensed clinician ensuring safe and effective online ketamine therapy

At the Bay Area CBT Center, our care team takes a unique approach to psychedelic therapy, extending both the preparation and the integration phases. We don’t just focus on providing an experience; our goal is to help you apply the insights gained from that experience into your everyday life, thereby enabling real and lasting behavioral changes. Simply having insight is not enough for enduring, positive life transformations. That’s why the involvement of a licensed psychologist, who is informed about your current medications and your medical history, is crucial.

We utilize behavioral interventions before, during, and after the sessions to guide the process, complemented by integration coaching. This approach allows your inner healer to obtain vital information, while our integration coaching helps you incorporate it into your daily routine. As a result, your mental health issues can be resolved over time. We rely on science-based, evidence-backed interventions, uniquely merged with psychedelics, to ensure the effectiveness of our unique method.

Tailored Ketamine Treatment Plans

Personalized ketamine treatment plan being customized

Our care team, including a psychiatric clinician, focuses on a holistic and evidence-based approach. We make sure treatments, like prescribing ketamine, are customized for your needs. Starting from your first treatment, and continuing throughout KAP, you have the convenience of receiving care in the comfort and privacy of your own home, a departure from traditional settings tied to conventional medications.This is different from the settings where traditional medications are usually given.

We pair you with the right therapist to help you on your unique path to healing your psychiatric condition. KAP offers clear benefits over traditional treatments. It’s designed to help you find your inner healer. Sometimes, we use simple tools like an eye mask to help deepen your journey inward.

Long Term Benefits of Ketamine Online Therapy

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The long-term benefits of ketamine use, since its FDA approval, are significant in treating psychiatric conditions like depression and anxiety. Taking ketamine as part of a personalized care plan can lead to profound improvements in mental health. This treatment option, when integrated into your healthcare routine, addresses the root cause of your condition and offers a new perspective on medication management.

Integration provides a safe space for patients undergoing psychedelic therapy. It ensures that the potential benefits of this treatment are maximized, particularly in managing mood disorders, pain, and PTSD symptoms. The role of the healthcare team is crucial in prescribing ketamine, ensuring that this psychedelic medicine is a cost-effective alternative with your treatment protocol.

Our online providers are available to prescribe ketamine, making this treatment more accessible. We help you assess your options within the broader scope of your current medication and overall treatment plan. Psychedelic medicine offers valuable therapeutic benefits to treat depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

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Integrative, At-Home Ketamine Experience

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Life Changing Outcomes

The transformative results of ketamine therapy certainly warrant attention. Over 80% of patients at Ketamine Clinics experience lasting relief from their symptoms after completing a six-infusion series, with success confirmed through regular PHQ-9 assessments.

Individuals suffering from severe depression, experienced significant improvements post-ketamine therapy, including reduced frequency, intensity, and duration of depressive episodes. Many people who have treatment resistant depression have found reprieve with ketamine therapy, leading to a newfound clarity and a more vibrant perception of the world.

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Breaking Negative Thought Patterns

A notable attribute of ketamine therapy is its potential to dismantle negative thought patterns. Ketamine helps to repair neurons in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex that are damaged by stress by increasing brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels and promoting glutamate release.

Ketamine treatment activates the brain into a state of heightened neuroplasticity, becoming more receptive to forming new neural connections. This presents a crucial window for positive mental changes. Successfully integrating new insights and healthier thought patterns during this peak neuroplasticity period can result in profound and enduring improvements in mental wellness.

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Beyond Symptom Relief

The benefits of ketamine therapy extend beyond mere symptom alleviation. Ketamine-induced breakthrough experiences or moments of ego dissolution can lead to the emergence of new self-narratives and personal insights. Patients have found that ketamine therapy allowed them to redefine their identity and outlook on life, which had long-term benefits beyond symptom relief.

Furthermore, integration sessions, including post-session discussions with a guide and reflection through journaling, play a key role in helping patients apply their therapy insights to everyday life. Virtual integration coaching is designed to support sustainable personal growth and the application of insights from ketamine therapy into one’s daily routine.

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At-Home Convenience of Self-Administering Ketamine Treatments

At-home ketamine therapy offers unparalleled convenience to patients. It not only eliminates the need to travel for appointments but also allows you to receive treatment in the comfort of your own home. This approach involves a personalized ketamine protocol for at-home therapy,.

Receiving Your At-Home Ketamine Kit

One of the key components of at-home ketamine therapy is the at-home ketamine kit. After an initial consultation with the medical team and completion of payment, you will receive a prescription medication to pick up your psychedelic medicine at your local pharmacy. 

The kit includes sublingual ketamine tablets and a digital blood pressure cuff to monitor blood pressure after taking the medication. This convenient delivery step ensures that you have everything you need for the therapy sessions right at your fingertips.