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Relationship Coaching

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Relationship Coaching

Are you currently in a relationship that you’re feeling ambivalent about? Are you constantly going back and forth trying to decide whether you should stay in the relationship and try to make it work or whether you should end it? Are you stuck in a relationship that just isn’t working? Getting out of a dysfunctional, emotionally abusive, or “not quite right” relationship can be very challenging. You may fear being alone, or you may have difficulty figuring out how to end your relationship because you see that as “quitting” instead of making an important change. We help you navigate through the “stuckness” by offering you tools to explore your feelings as well as to identify and act on your values. And we celebrate with you when you experience the new freedom that comes with becoming unstuck!


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Dating Coaching

Today’s challenging dating scene is full of ambiguity and ambivalence. Multiple modes of communication make it difficult to get to know someone. You may also be confused about what you are actually looking for in a partner or in a relationship. We help you assess your core values in a relationship: What kind of partner do you want to be? What kind of partner are you looking for? How do you recognize when a person you’re dating has the qualities you’re looking for in a partner? How can you identify red flags early on? We help you identify and break negative patterns in relationships and find the love you want.


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Online Dating Coaching

Online dating can be a frustrating and overwhelming process. You may start off feeling positive and motivated, but then end up becoming more jaded and inconsistent in your efforts to date. By oscillating back and forth between enthusiasm and hopelessness, you can create a self-defeating pattern in your dating approach. To be successful at online dating, you need to have a certain mindset and a consistent and clear strategy, which we help you develop. We assist you in creating a profile that is authentic and represents who you want to be and what you’re looking for in a relationship. In addition to these things, we help you with the key component of successful online dating: identifying your core beliefs and patterns so that you can find the right person for you.


divorce coaching san francisco bay area california

Divorce Coaching

Going through divorce or separating from your intimate partner can be one of your most painful life experiences. You don’t need to do it alone—we offer you emotional support and practical guidance that enables you to finding meaning in the midst of your pain and confusion. We teach practical strategies and techniques to help you navigate and cope with your divorce journey. We help you learn how to cope with difficult feelings and thoughts. Then, after you identify the values that are most important to you, we stand with you as you move forward to create the life you want.


co-parenting coaching in california

Co-Parenting Coaching

It can be very challenging and painful to coparent after divorce or separation, and you may be uncertain how to manage your relationship with your ex and children. We provide you with support as well as practical skills and tools to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and resolve conflicts. Through assessing your beliefs and blind spots concerning coparenting, and by clarifying what you have control over (and what you do not), we help you to be empowered and effective in these difficult relationships.



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