Relationship Satisfaction Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help you explore your level of relationship satisfaction and relationship stress. Your score will help you identify how experiences in your relationship may be impacting your daily life. Your responses can provide insights that will help you and your therapist deal more effectively with your issues of relationship stress and help you assess your relationship.

Note: This questionnaire is for informational purposes only and is not intended to function as a psychological or psychiatric assessment. These results are not designed to serve as or take the place of a clinical diagnosis. Diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder requires an extensive evaluation by a trained professional.


We are conducting some cool research and would really appreciate your participation. If you’re willing to have your results used in our anonymous research studies, please answer a few questions after you have taken this questionnaire. We would greatly appreciate your participation.


For each statement, choose the answer that best describes you. At the end of the questionnaire you will receive your results to review your overall relationship satisfaction.

This questionnaire has 20 questions.