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Bay Area CBT Center Therapist Vesal Vakili, PsyD

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Vesal Vakili, PsyD

Dr. Vesal Vakili, PsyD, stands out as a dedicated and empathetic therapist in San Francisco, offering a unique and transformative experience in therapy. With a deep understanding of the complexities of human emotions and mental health, Dr. Vakili views therapy as a collaborative and shared journey. 

She is committed to instilling hope in situations filled with hopelessness and uncertainty, guiding individuals, families, and couples towards healing and growth.


Diverse Range of Therapy Specializations

Effective Evidence-Based Therapy

Dr. Vakili’s expertise spans a broad spectrum of mental health challenges, including agoraphobia, anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. She skillfully navigates clients through life’s transitions and challenges. 

Her therapeutic approach is deeply rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), while she creatively integrates a variety of interventions to meet the specific needs of each individual.

Innovative Therapeutic Techniques

Integrative and Holistic

Dr. Vakili distinguishes herself with an active and directive approach in therapy, focusing on teaching practical skills that empower clients to manage and overcome their challenges. This hands-on method not only addresses current issues but also equips clients with tools for future resilience and self-sufficiency.

Culturally Sensitive and Inclusive Counseling

Dr. Vakili’s practice is a testament to inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. Her extensive experience with diverse communities – encompassing various age groups, ethnicities, and sexual identities – enables her to offer a safe and understanding environment for all her clients. Fluent in English and Farsi, she bridges cultural gaps, making therapy accessible to a wider audience.

Empowering Clients with Evidence-Based Therapy

Acknowledging the immense strength it takes to engage in therapy, Dr. Vakili commits herself to delivering the highest standard of care. She focuses on helping her clients not just to overcome suffering but to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. Through evidence-based therapies, she equips her clients with life-enhancing skills, such as assertiveness and healthy relationship dynamics.

Culturally Sensitive and Inclusive Approach

In my role as a therapist and counselor in San Francisco, I am deeply committed to the well-being of each individual who walks through my door. Utilizing a Cognitive Behavioral base, I focus on tailoring my approach to meet the unique needs of each client. This customization is key in my counseling practice, as I believe that therapy should be as individual as the people I work with. 

My experience with diverse communities across various age groups, ethnicities, and sexual identities has significantly shaped my approach. It has taught me the importance of understanding and embracing the rich tapestry of human experiences, which is especially relevant in a diverse city like San Francisco.


Therapy, Counseling and Coaching

Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy

Holistic Mental Wellness

Dr. Vakili’s approach extends beyond traditional therapy. She is actively involved in community outreach and mental health advocacy, aiming to destigmatize mental health issues. Her approach to mental health and resilience are well-received in the San Francisco community, offering valuable insights and strategies for coping with life’s challenges.

Therapy That Empowers You to Live Your Best Life

Being fluent in both English and Farsi allows me to reach out to a broader spectrum of clients in San Francisco, breaking down language barriers and providing a more inclusive counseling environment. This linguistic ability enriches my practice and enables me to connect with clients on a more personal level, taking into account their cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


Vesal's Areas of Specialty

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Overcome the fear of open spaces and crowds, unlocking a world of freedom with therapy and support.

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Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Ease anxiety and panic, fostering calmness and confidence with targeted strategies and support

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Combat depression, igniting hope and renewal through supportive care and action.

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Vesal's Treatment Specialties

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Loneliness and Isolation

 Coping with feelings of loneliness and social isolation.

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Life Skills and Coping Strategies

Developing skills to cope with everyday life challenges.

Intergenerational Trauma

Dealing with the impact of trauma that has been passed down through generations.

Imposter Syndrome

Feelings of inadequacy and persistent self-doubt despite evident success.

Family Dynamics and Conflict

Navigating complex family relationships and conflicts.

Guilt and Shame

Working through feelings of low self-worth.

Prejudice and Discrimination

Dealing with the psychological impact of facing prejudice and discrimination.

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Procrastination and Time Management

Learn skills to manage time effectively and reduce procrastination.

Personalized and Inclusive Therapy

Evidence-Based Therapy with Dr. Vesal Vakili

Experienced Therapist

My experience in working with diverse communities across various age groups, ethnicities, and sexual identities has significantly shaped my approach. It has taught me the importance of understanding and embracing the rich tapestry of human experiences, which is especially relevant in a diverse city like San Francisco.

Science-Backed, Expert-Driven

In my practice, counseling is not just a profession but a dedication to helping individuals in San Francisco overcome their challenges, discover themselves, and embark on a path of self-fulfillment and healing. The journey of therapy is a transformative one, and as one of the therapists in San Francisco, I am committed to guiding my clients through this journey with empathy, skill, and a deep respect for their individual journey.

Expertise at the Core

I am acutely aware of the courage it takes for someone to initiate counseling.  I am dedicated to making my therapy sessions a sanctuary of safety and understanding. Each one of my sessions is designed to be a nurturing and empathetic space. I recognize the tremendous strength required for someone to make an appointment and engage in therapy.  I view it as my utmost responsibility to offer the highest quality of care to my clients.

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Our Diverse Range of Counseling Services

At Bay Area CBT Therapy, we are committed to ensuring that therapy is accessible to everyone, embracing the diverse backgrounds and identities of our clients, including those from the LGBTQ+ community and underrepresented groups. 

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, providing respectful and affirming care that acknowledges and celebrates our distinct experiences.

Start Therapy with Dr. Vesal Vakili, PsyD

At the Bay Area CBT Center, we redefine the journey to mental wellness.

Choosing Dr. Vesal Vakili as your therapist means embarking on a transformative journey. Her holistic, innovative, and culturally sensitive approach ensures a therapeutic experience that is not just healing but also empowering. With Dr. Vakili, embrace change and start your path towards healing and fulfillment in a supportive and understanding environment.

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Trusted, Licensed Therapists with Expert Training and Thorough Vetting

We’re a group practice of highly experienced mental health professionals and specialists in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy. 

We are empathetic professionals who truly understand what it’s like to feel disconnected from your own journey. We believe that your past should not be an anchor holding you back from a brighter future.

Innovative, Expert-Led Therapy Tailored Just for You

We customize and tailor our work with you to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to provide you with the skills that you need to feel better and cope more effectively in the shortest period of time. 

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