Vesal Vakili cbt

Vesal Vakili, LMFT

Vesal Vakili is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in the State of California. She is currently pursuing a PsyD degree at Alliant International University, located in Irvine California.

Vesal views therapy as a shared and collaborative journey and feels privileged to walk the therapeutic path with individuals, families, couples and instill hope, where there is hopelessness and uncertainties.

Areas of Specialty


Anxiety & Panic Disorder

Autism Spectrum

Using a Cognitive Behavioral base, Vesal implements and customizes various interventions to meet each unique client’s need. Vesal specializes in treating Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia and Depression and working with persons on the Autism Spectrum using CBT, DBT and ACT.

She has experience working with diverse communities including various age groups, ethnicities and sexual identities. Vesal is fluent in English and Farsi.

I recognize that it takes tremendous strength for a person to make an appointment and participate in a session, and I feel it is my highest duty to provide the best possible care to all my clients. I am dedicated to helping people overcome suffering and begin the journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

Remote Therapy Sessions

Remote sessions available: Chat with your therapist or coach over video or phone.

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