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Molly Kierein, PsyD

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Molly Kierein, PsyD

Psychotherapy in San Francisco 

Dr. Molly Kierein, PsyD (License No. PSY 29895), is a psychotherapist in San Francisco, known for her holistic and evidence-based approach to mental health. 

With a doctorate in clinical psychology from The American School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Kierein brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. She is passionate about guiding individuals through the challenges of life to lead more fulfilling, values-driven lives.

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Extensive Research and Clinical Training

Effective Evidence-Based Therapy

Dr. Kierein’s training includes predoctoral work at The University of Arizona, College of Medicine. She completed her postdoctoral training at The San Francisco Veteran Affairs Medical Center. 

Her research focused on neurological functions related to psychotic symptoms. It explored brain-behavior mechanisms in mental health. A key focus was neuroplasticity. This is the brain’s capacity to form new neural connections and reorganize itself.

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Specialized In A Range of Mental Health Issues

Versatility and Diversity in Therapy

Dr. Kierein’s areas of specialization include trauma, depression, performance anxiety, life transitions, shyness, low self-esteem, perfectionism, and self-criticism.She adapts her approach to the diverse backgrounds and needs of her clients, ensuring tailored and impactful therapy.

She has a particular focus on relationship concerns such as infidelity, internet addiction, dating difficulties, commitment issues, co-dependence, and other relationship barriers.

Mindfulness and Acceptance-Based Therapies

Dr. Kierein is an advocate of mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies. These approaches help individuals to stay present with their thoughts, feelings, and sensations, learning to observe them without judgment. She utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in her practice.

Comprehensive and Personalized Psychotherapy

Dr. Kierein is dedicated to providing personalized, effective psychotherapy. She takes a holistic approach to help clients achieve greater emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual health. 

Her therapy techniques are designed to address a wide array of challenges, including emotional dysregulation, suicidality, addiction, bereavement, anxiety disorders, depression, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, phobias, trichotillomania, trauma, shyness, low self-esteem, self-criticism, and adolescent psychosis.

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Innovative Therapeutic Approaches

Dr. Kierein uses diverse therapeutic methods. These include exposure therapy, motivational interviewing, and psychodynamic approaches. She also employs mindfulness-based treatments. 

These treatments encompass emotion-focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Her aim is to enhance clients’ self-awareness, self-compassion, acceptance, and distress tolerance.

Therapy, Counseling and Coaching

Beyond Traditional Talk Therapy

Active and Collaborative Therapy Style

My therapy style is active and collaborative. I believe in balancing insight-oriented talk therapy with practical, self-observing behavioral experiments. The therapy homework I assign is evidence-based and tailored to each client’s individual needs. My goal is to help clients live lives that are consistent with their personal values.

Commitment to Your Growth and Fulfillment

As a leading psychotherapist in San Francisco, I am committed to working with clients to overcome challenges, recognize strengths, and achieve goals. My compassionate and active approach to therapy inspires clients to create meaningful change and live their lives to the fullest.


Molly's Areas of Specialty

Your Path to Healing Begins Here.

Performance Anxiety & Shyness

Overcome social anxiety, shyness, imposter syndrome, and low self-esteem, unlocking a path to greater confidence and self-acceptance.

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PTSD & Complex Trauma

Break free from PTSD and complex trauma with carefully tailored exposure-based and mindfulness-based interventions and build resilience.

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OCD & Chronic Worry

Find freedom from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, including Body Dysmorphia, relationship OCD, and Trichotillomania, with specialized support.

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Molly's Treatment Specialties

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Manage perfectionist tendencies that can lead to stress and burnout.

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Replace self-critical thoughts with more compassionate and constructive self-talk.

Dating Difficulties

Overcome challenges in dating and relationships.


Build healthier, more interdependent relationships.

Internet Addiction

Develop strategies to manage compulsive internet use.

Performance Anxiety

Manage anxiety that affects performance abilities.

Infidelity and Trust Issues

Tackle the emotional complexities of infidelity and rebuild trust.

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Shyness and Social Anxiety

Overcome shyness for more confident social interactions.

Personalized and Inclusive Therapy

Evidence-Based Therapy with Dr. Molly Kierein

Empowering Transformation

As a licensed psychologist  in San Francisco, I believe deeply in the transformative power of therapy. My approach combines traditional methods with innovative techniques, tailored to each client’s unique story. I am committed to continuous learning, ensuring that I bring the most effective strategies to those I work with.

Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

At the core of my therapeutic approach are mindfulness and self-compassion. I help clients connect deeply with themselves, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life. By fostering mindfulness and acceptance, profound changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can be achieved, guiding clients towards greater peace and satisfaction.

Nurturing Growth

In my practice, I create a safe and empathetic space for clients to feel heard and understood. I support and guide them through the challenges of therapy, focusing on long-term emotional health and resilience. I offer both in-person and online therapy. My goal is to empower clients, helping them become active participants in their healing process.

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Our Diverse Range of Counseling Services

At Bay Area CBT Therapy, we are committed to ensuring that therapy is accessible to everyone, embracing the diverse backgrounds and identities of our clients, including those from the LGBTQ+ community and underrepresented groups. 

Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual, providing respectful and affirming care that acknowledges and celebrates our distinct experiences.

Psychotherapy with Molly Kierein, PsyD

At the Bay Area CBT Center, we redefine the journey to mental wellness.

Choosing Dr. Molly Kierein as your psychotherapist in San Francisco means embarking on a journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment. Her expertise, compassionate approach, and commitment to evidence-based practices make her a valuable ally in your mental health journey. 

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