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Therapy in Oakland

Therapy Sessions Across the Bay Area

Our Oakland therapists provide personalized, evidence-based therapy for individuals, couples, and groups, grounded in the latest science-backed research. 

We employ a holistic approach, blending cognitive, somatic, and behavioral therapies for a comprehensive healing experience. 

We are always open to new clients and proudly serve all identities across the San Francisco Bay Area, committed to supporting your transformative journey.

online therapy in oakland california

Online Therapy in Oakland

Online Therapists Across California 

Our services extend to online therapy, offering virtual sessions tailored for individuals, couples, families, and groups, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all. 

Our hybrid services cater to both virtual and in-person sessions, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your needs.

Our Oakland, California Therapy Clinics

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Downtown Oakland

4283 Piedmont Ave., Suite A2
Oakland, CA 94611

Virtual Therapy in California

We serve all of California with online therapy services.


Our Oakland Therapy Clinic

We understand the key to a perfect match

1. Book your matching appointment: Find a convenient time to meet with our care coordinator to assess your therapeutic needs.

2. Meet with our care coordinator: During your phone consult with our care coordinator, we will delve deeper into your unique situation. This ensures a precise therapist match.

3. Ideal Therapist Connection: Once matched, you’ll meet your therapist and begin working towards your mental health goals. We’re committed to your progress; if the match isn’t ideal, we’ll swiftly find a better fit.

Ready to take the first step?


How to Start Therapy With Us

Your Path to Healing Begins Here.
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Matching Appointment

Book a free consult with our specialist to assess your needs.

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Therapist Match

We’ll match you with a therapist who fits your requirements.

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Schedule Your Session

Choose video, phone, or in-person for your first session.
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Start Therapy

If the initial therapist match isn’t ideal, we’ll switch you for free.

Ready to take the first step?

Bay Area CBT Therapy Services

We help you align mind, body, and action. Our psychotherapy offerings for individuals, couples, and groups—both online and in-person—are meticulously designed to guide you through overcoming a variety of mental health issues.

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Individual Therapy

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Online Therapy

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Couples Therapy

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Groups & Workshops

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Executive Coaching

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Conditions We Treat

Our Groups & Workshops

Mental Health Conditions We Treat


Integrative, Holistic, Effective Therapy

At the Bay Area CBT Center, we redefine the journey to mental wellness.

Our Promise

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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in the Bay Area. You could say we wrote the books on it.