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Getting Off the Fence with Schema Awareness

Healing Insecure Attachment & Relational trauma


Group Therapy Workshop for Insecure Attachment

Join our group therapy program for relationship ambivalence, designed for those struggling with uncertainty in their romantic lives. It’s a group experience for individuals who are contemplating ending a relationship, having relationship concerns, currently or recently in the process of ending a romantic relationship, going through a divorce, or feeling ambivalent about their current relationship.

Ideal for individuals with relationship OCD, anxious, avoidant or disorganized attachment styles, or difficulties in committing, this program focuses on clarifying values, uncovering obstructive schemas, and overcoming ambivalence.

Duration: 8 weeks
Cost: $75 per session
Participants: Limited to 12 participants

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Get Off the Fence and Make Decisions About Your Relationship

Through direct discussions and targeted activities, this group aims to address the core of commitment issues, helping participants understand their attachment styles and transform their relationship dynamics. You’ll gain the tools to navigate your fears, make value-aligned decisions, and foster healthier, more stable relationships.

With expert therapists and a supportive peer group, you’ll work towards resolving ambivalence, enabling you to move forward into more meaningful and committed relationships. 

Get Off the Fence and Make Decisions About Your Relationship

This group is both a skills-based group and a process group. This means that each session will introduce a new skill or tool, and include an open group discussion, weekly assignments, and feedback from group members. This group will will help you understand patterns in your relationships and recognize the limiting beliefs that are getting in your way. You will also learn to recognize your core beliefs in relationships, identify the behaviors that hurt your relationships, and break painful relationship patterns. Group members will take an interpersonal schemas questionnaire in order to identify their schemas. Members will be asked to practice new skills and behaviors outside of session and monitor their behaviors.

Get Motivated to Improve Your Relationship

Sometimes when one partner is feeling extremely unhappy and unsatisfied in a relationship, the other partner may not be as motivated to take steps towards improving the relationship or may be unwilling to participate in therapy.

Monitor & Track Your Behaviors

The decision regarding what is tolerable or intolerable for you and whether or not to end the relationship is on you. You can still take steps towards improving your relationship on your own and you can also learn to monitor and track your behaviors as well as your partner’s. We can help you assess whether your relationship is working for you.

What is In & Out of Your Control

We will help you parse out what you can work on in your current relationship and what is out of your control. We will help you assess the patterns and themes that have occurred throughout your relationships and the ways you might be maintaining these patterns in your current relationships.

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Currently, our groups are at capacity, but we will be launching fresh containers in January 2024

Assess Whether Your Relationship is Working for You

Foster Authentic Connections

This group is designed to help you get off the fence and make decisions about your relationship. This group will teach you the skills to improve your relationships with or without your partner’s .You will learn specific tools and strategies.

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