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Online Counseling and Psychotherapy

CBT Counseling and Psychotherapy Online

Online Counseling and Psychotherapy

The Bay Area CBT Center offers in-person CBT Counseling in one of our Bay Area offices in San Francisco and Oakland. We also offer evidence-based online counseling for people who prefer to meet over video or phone instead of meeting weekly at the office. Recent research studies show that teletherapy is just as effective as in person psychotherapy.

  • Online therapy for depression
  • Online therapy for anxiety
  • Online couples therapy
  • Online therapy for improving relationships
  • Online therapy for grief
  • Online therapy for life transitions
  • Online therapy for trauma
  • Online therapy for panic
  • Online therapy for body image issues
  • Online therapy for phobias
  • Online therapy for work stress and burnout
  • Online therapy for bipolar disorder
  • Online therapy for personality disorders
  • Online therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder

We provide the convenience of online therapy from the comfort of your own home. Learn how to break unhelpful habits, get unstuck, and make radical changes in your life. CBT is a scientifically proven approach that actually works. Research has shown it is more effective than traditional talk therapy. Our therapists can help you identify and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from living the kind of life you desire.

Research also shows that online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy. Our online sessions are typically 50-minute sessions once a week, although the frequency and length can be adapted to meet your specific needs. Therapy is conducted online via a confidential videoconferencing platform and is customized to specially target your your needs.