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Online Counseling and Psychotherapy

CBT Counseling and Therapy Online


Online Counseling and Psychotherapy at Bay Area CBT Center

If you’re struggling and need support but your schedule is too overwhelmingly busy, then online counseling is just what you need. The Bay Area CBT Center specializes in providing evidence-based online therapy for people who prefer to meet over video or phone instead of meeting at the office.

Our hybrid model offers you the flexibility to switch between online sessions and in-person meetings for CBT Counseling at our Bay Area offices in San Francisco and Oakland.

Recent studies show that teletherapy is just as effective as in person psychotherapy. Don’t let a hectic life prevent you from getting the help you deserve; book a consult today to start your journey toward happiness.

Expert Led Online Therapy

The Bay Area CBT Center embraces a holistic and integrative approach to online therapy. Our therapists are extensively trained in a variety of evidence-based treatments backed by solid science. We specialize in CBT, DBT, Schema Therapy, Somatic Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 

CBT is a scientifically proven method that actually works. Research has shown it is more effective than traditional talk therapy. We provide the convenience of CBT online therapy from the comfort of your own home. Learn how to break unhelpful habits, get unstuck, and make radical changes in your life. Our therapists can help you identify and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from living the kind of life you desire. 

Online Therapy Services We Offer

Check Out Our Virtual Therapy Options 

Two women engaged in a trauma therapy session in San Francisco, with one woman listening intently to the other who is speaking.


A young woman sitting on a couch, smiling and talking to another person during a trauma therapy session, with a bookshelf and plant in the background.

Teen Therapy

A trauma therapist taking notes during a session with a couple sitting closely together on a couch, looking concerned.

couple Therapy

Four adults of diverse ethnicities sitting on sofas in a living room, engaging in a friendly conversation about trauma therapy in San Francisco with a digital tablet in hand.

Group Therapy

A family in a trauma therapy session in San Francisco: a concerned mother and father comforting their daughter while talking to an unseen therapist.

family Therapy

Online Therapy Sessions

Our online sessions are typically 50-minute sessions once a week, although the frequency and length can be adapted to meet your specific needs. Online couples counseling is usually 60-minutes and groups are 90-minutes. Therapy is conducted online via a confidential video conferencing platform and is customized to specially target your needs.

We Offer Online Counseling for a Variety of Issues


How to Start Online Therapy with Us

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Therapist Match

We’ll match you with a therapist who fits your goals.

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Schedule Your Session

Choose video, phone, or in-person for your first session.

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Start Therapy

If the initial therapist match isn’t ideal, you can switch for free.

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