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Mindful Dating In The Digital Age: Dating with Schema Awareness

Mindful Dating: A Schema Awareness Dating Group

Is online dating making you feel hopeless and defeated about ever meeting the right partner? Do you keep repeating the same negative patterns over and over again in your relationships? Is it difficult for you to build an authentic connection?

Join our Mindful Dating Group to learn how to date with intention and build meaningful connections. This program is centered around identifying and understanding your own schemas—deep-seated patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that influence how you relate to others.

By becoming aware of these patterns, you’ll learn how to approach dating in a more intentional and healthy way, avoiding past pitfalls and attracting relationships that truly align with your needs and values. Through practical exercises, guided discussions, and direct feedback, we’ll help you recognize your core beliefs and how they shape your dating choices.

This is your chance to transform your dating life by gaining insights into your schemas and learning strategies to overcome them. Sign up to embark on a journey of self-discovery and meaningful connections.

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Dating Group Therapy

This is both a skills-based group and a process group. This means that each session includes learning new skills, practicing new behaviors, exploring your progress, receiving feedback from group members, and sharing weekly assignments. The aim of dating group therapy is to help you understand your patterns in relationships and recognize the core beliefs (“schemas”) that get in the way of your having the relationship you want. You will learn to recognize your schemas in relationships, identify the behaviors that hurt your relationships, break painful relationship patterns, recognize red flags in potential partners, identify your values in relationships, and develop new behavioral responses.

Practice New Behaviors

Group members will take an interpersonal schemas questionnaire in order to identify and work with their schemas. The group will consist of identifying your schemas, schema coping behaviors, values, and an exploration of alternative behavioral responses in relationships. Members will be asked to practice new skills and behaviors outside of session and monitor their behaviors. You will learn strategies for communicating effectively, making healthy boundaries, setting limits, and getting your needs met in your relationships.

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Currently, our groups are at capacity, but we will be launching fresh containers in January 2024

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