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T-Group: Interpersonal Mindfulness Experience


Interpersonal Mindfulness Practice

During your T-Group experience, you actively engage in the practice of labeling and observing your own feelings, sensations, and stories. You learn to release attachment to these narratives and bring your attention back to the present moment. Simultaneously, you connect with your intrinsic values and remain attentive to any triggers that may arise within you.

This immersive process facilitates profound, experiential realizations about your personal triggers, how they manifest in your relationships, and empowers you to break free from ingrained patterns.

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Online T-Group Experience

Online T-Group sessions provide convenience, affordability, and confidentiality, fostering supportive environments that reduce feelings of isolation, with mindfulness practices adapted for virtual engagement.

Participation in Online T-Group sessions involves experiential practices, dynamic discussions, and reflective practices that support personal growth, self-reflection, and the management of negative emotions, as well as the integration of learnings into daily life.

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What is T-Group?

T-Group, or Training Group, is an interpersonal mindfulness practice that involves engaging with others to deepen self-awareness, foster authentic connections, and explore new ways of relating. Developed by the renowned psychoanalyst Kurt Lewin, T-Groups are learning laboratories that focus on the here and now of interpersonal dynamics.
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They provide a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and understand the patterns that guide your behavior in relationships, especially during challenging moments. Unlike meditation, which is an individual practice, T-Group offers an opportunity to step outside conventional social norms and engage in deeper, more meaningful interactions.

It serves as a laboratory where participants can uncover their habitual patterns of relating and experiment with alternative ways of being.

Our Approach

The T-Group format we use is partially based on the successful approach employed by the Stanford Graduate School of Business and incorporates tools from mindfulness-based therapies. We integrate

partially based on the Stanford Graduate School of Business model. Our T-Group trainings are not sponsored by or affiliated with Stanford Graduate School of Business.

These tools are used to help participants develop a greater understanding of the group dynamics, as well as to become more self-aware and to learn how to manage their emotions.

The T-Group structure, with its emphasis on self-reflection, open communication, and supportive feedback, creates a dynamic and transformative learning laboratory. We cultivate authentic interpersonal encounters that are based on Martin Buber’s concept of the I-Thou relationship. By being fully present, transparent, and engaged, we establish a space where a deeper connection, “the between,” can emerge. This goes beyond conversation and fosters mutual respect, directness, and recognition of each other’s uniqueness.

In our T-Group experience, you’ll join a group of 12 individuals. Guided by a skilled facilitator, you’ll engage in an interpersonal mindfulness practice, sharing your feelings, and experiences. Through this process of disclosure and feedback loops, you’ll gain valuable insights into your blind spots and discover how your behavior impacts your relationships.

Our T-Group experience is highly personalized to meet your specific goals. You will take the schema questionnaire to identify your interpersonal schemas, clarify your values in relationships, and set individual objectives tailored to your needs. Whether you want to express emotions more genuinely, be more spontaneous, or embody your boundaries, T-Group can empower you to make meaningful changes in your interactions.

Our T-Group experiences include mini-lectures that introduce practical concepts and provide psychoeducation. You’ll gain a well-rounded understanding of interpersonal dynamics and how to apply your newfound skills in real-life situations.

Why should you sign up for a T-Group Experience?

T-Groups offer a transformative journey of self-discovery that can revolutionize your relationships. You’ll develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others, learn to communicate more authentically, and navigate complex dynamics like status, power, and gender. By practicing active listening and embracing uncomfortable conversations, you’ll unlock new levels of connection and empathy.


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Expert Group Facilitators

T Groups are an innovative approach to therapy that combines group dynamics with mindfulness techniques, creating a unique space for personal growth and improved social skills.

Our facilitators possess credentials in counseling, psychology, which ensures professional guidance during sessions.

Participants experience interpersonal discovery, gaining valuable insights into their relational dynamics. T-Groups offer a powerful opportunity for individuals to enhance their interpersonal skills and build meaningful connections.

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Gain Valuable Insights

By participating in T-Group, you can gain valuable insights into your impact on others and receive real-time feedback and reflection. This practice promotes self-awareness, as it allows you to see yourself more clearly and make conscious choices for your personal growth and transformation. T-Group encourages transparency, authenticity, vulnerability, and intimacy, revealing the powerful potential for healing and connection.

Building Communication Skills

In T-Group, participants use “I statements” to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This encourages personal accountability and ownership of one’s emotions and perceptions. By using “I statements,” individuals express themselves in a non-blaming and non-judgmental manner, promoting effective communication and understanding.

Mindfulness Practice in a Group Setting

T-Group combines mindfulness principles with the power of group dynamics. Engaging in this mindfulness practice within a group setting allows individuals to observe themselves in relation to the collective. It provides a unique opportunity to witness how their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors interact and impact others. By cultivating self-observation in a group context, participants gain valuable insights into their own patterns, triggers, and ways of relating to others.

Here and Now Focus

T-Group emphasizes staying in the “here and now” during interactions. Participants are encouraged to observe and discuss the present moment experiences, interactions, and dynamics within the group. This practice cultivates mindfulness, helping individuals become more aware of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors as they unfold in real-time.

Labeling Feelings, Sensations, and Urges

A crucial aspect of T-Group is the practice of labeling one’s feelings, sensations, and urges. By identifying and articulating these internal experiences, individuals develop a deeper understanding of their emotional landscape. This practice supports self-reflection, emotional intelligence, and empathetic connection with others.

Labeling Stories and Needs

T-Group also encourages participants to label their stories and needs. Participants explore the narratives they construct around their experiences and identify the underlying needs or desires driving their thoughts and behaviors. This process promotes self-reflection, personal growth, and a deeper understanding of oneself and others.

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Encouraging You To Experiment With New Behaviors

In essence, T-Group offers you a transformative journey of self-discovery, interpersonal growth, and collective harmony, fostering a sense of belonging to something greater than yourself. In a world that increasingly values diversity and unity, T-Group provides you with a valuable space for re-weaving the fabric of our human community.

1. Enhance Awareness

T-Group offers you a unique opportunity to explore and understand your core beliefs, or schemas, that influence your relationships. By observing your interactions within the group setting, you gain insights into your underlying assumptions, biases, and patterns of thinking. This heightened awareness allows you to identify and challenge limiting schemas, paving the way for your personal growth and healthier relationship dynamics.

2. Recognize Triggers

T-Group helps you become more attuned to your triggers, which are specific events, situations, or behaviors that elicit strong emotional reactions. By closely examining these triggers in the context of the group, you can identify the root causes of your emotional responses and gain a deeper understanding of how they impact your relationships. This awareness empowers you to develop strategies for managing triggers effectively and fostering more constructive interactions.

3. Align with your values

Through T-Group, you have the opportunity to explore your values and assess how well they align with your behaviors in relationships. By reflecting on your interactions within the group, you can evaluate whether your actions are in harmony with your core values. This process encourages you to make conscious choices that are more aligned with your authentic self, leading to greater fulfillment and integrity in your relationships.

4. Practice of new behaviors

T-Group serves as a safe space for you to experiment with and practice new behaviors in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. You can test alternative ways of relating, expressing yourself, and engaging with others. This experiential learning allows you to expand your behavioral repertoire, cultivate healthier relationship patterns, and develop a sense of confidence in trying new approaches outside of the group setting.

Benefits of T-Group

Foster Authentic Connections

T-Group not only deepens your self-awareness and fosters authentic connections but also empowers you to challenge limiting beliefs, manage triggers more effectively, align your behaviors with your personal values, and practice new, more positive behaviors in your relationships.


Benefits of t group

Experiential Learning

T-Groups are a form of experiential learning where participants observe their own behavior and that of others in a group setting. This type of learning offers valuable insight into group dynamics, communication, and social interaction.


Present-Moment Sharing:

Participants are encouraged to express only feelings and sensations in the present moment. Thoughts are not freely shared, but instead, the focus remains on immediate experiences and emotions.

Distance From Stories:

Participants can share brief stories related to their experiences, but the emphasis is on letting narratives go and returning to the present moment, feelings, and sensations.

Explore Relational Dynamics:

Identify and articulate your underlying needs and desires. Explore underlying needs, deepen self-awareness and understanding within the group dynamic.

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