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Narcissism with Dr. Avigail Lev and Dr. Robyn Walser

Whether it’s your boss, your client, or a family member, interactions with a narcissist can be challenging. Narcissism can present as obvious grandiosity and self-importance but also shows up in more insidious and subtle ways. Covert forms of narcissism make interpersonal interactions confusing and difficult to understand, and can elicit self-doubt, guilt, and even a sense of “going crazy” in others.

In this episode, Drs. Avigail Lev and Robyn Walser delve into a rich discussion on the different types of narcissism, how to spot a narcissist, and how to protect yourself and/or clients from covert forms of this personality trait.

Dr. Lev & Dr. Walser Discuss Narcissism

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