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Bedtalks Podcast – Practical Dating

BedTalks Podcast: Insights on Practical Dating Strategies

Listen to Dr. Abby Lev share 5 Dating Trends with Stay At Home Orders with Bedtalks Podcast Host and Relationship Expert Elizabeth Overstreet and her partner “K”.

Intro from Elizabeth Overstreet: Let’s face it, dating can be a struggle. And this struggle can persist even for those of you in committed relationships. The pandemic hasn’t made it easier. But, I’ve brought in extra help to help you figure it all out. Meet Dr. Abby Lev. Dr. Lev is a psychotherapist, author, coach, workshop facilitator, and consultant to individuals and companies. She is passionate about helping people uncover the core beliefs and emotional obstacles. During this interview we discuss practical dating tips, the difference between your wants versus needs, why you should stay true to who you are even if it rocks the boat at the beginning of the relationship. We also help you figure out how to differentiate between superficial and core values. Dr. Lev delves into what makes a relationship more sturdy and solid versus one that is likely to fall apart. In listening to this interview, you will come away surprised, informed, and with more self-awareness of what constitutes a successful relationship.”


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