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Marriage Counseling & Relationship Therapy in the Bay Area

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Couples

Are you having doubts about your marriage? Are you wondering whether you’re with the right person or not? Do you continue to have the same conflict over and over again and don’t know how to resolve the issues that show up in your relationship? Are you feeling confused about what to do to improve your relationship? Have you considered starting marriage counseling and relationship therapy, but you’re unsure whether it will help your relationship?

If you’re feeling stuck in your relationship you may not have the tools to know how to improve your communication. You may end up shutting down, pursuing, or avoiding expressing your feelings and needs.

All relationships have conflicts. Conflict is an unavoidable part of relationships, but conflict can also help you connect with your partner and increase intimacy in your relationship. When we know how to communicate effectively and negotiate fairly every conflict is an opportunity to become closer to our partner and improve the level of intimacy and connection.

Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

Marriage Counseling & Relationship Therapy Can Help


If you’re feeling disconnected in your relationship right now, engaging in marriage counseling or relationship therapy may be just what you need to rekindle the passion in your relationship. One of our supportive and experienced Bay Area marriage counselors can help you reconnect with your partner and create the relationship that you desire. An experienced cognitive behavioral therapist can help you learn the skills that you need to feel heard and seen in your relationship and to get your needs met.

You may feel quite stuck and hopeless right now, but with the help and guidance of an effective marriage counselor you can face the challenges in your relationship in an effective way that leads to a satisfying and healthy relationship. It’s never too late to learn the skills that you need to improve your relationship dynamic.

When both partners commit to actively engaging in marriage counseling or relationship therapy in the Bay Area, the results can be life changing. Our cognitive behavioral relationship therapists will work with you to incorporate behavioral techniques, communication skills, and provide you with homework assignments so that you can practice the skills in order to develop a deeper, more collaborative connection and reignite the passion and commitment you used to have.

Many couples wait too long before they get the help that they need. The longer you wait the bigger the problem will become. Marriage counseling puts you in a position where you are ahead of the problem and are able to tackle the issues so that they are resolved rather than grow and get worse. We provide a compassionate, directive, and active approach that will help you feel safe tackling the issues that arise in your relationship and feel confident that each conflict can lead to resolution and deeper connection rather than distance. Whether you would like to meet with your marriage counselor in-person in the Bay Area or you prefer online couples counseling, we have a therapist that will be the best fit for your needs.

You can start improving your relationship right now. Click here to schedule you’re free 15-minute phone consult with one of our care coordinators, to assess your needs and see if one of our marriage counselors is the right fit for you.

We specialize in treating a variety of issues connected to relationships and communication problems. You may experience these problems in a number of different ways including fear of abandonment, failure, mistrust, shame, or engulfment in relationships. Partners may struggle with managing anger, setting appropriate boundaries, expressing emotions effectively, making requests, or asserting their needs. We also offer online couples therapy for busy couples who want to do therapy from the comfort of their home. At The Bay Area CBT Center, we can help you strengthen your relationship and develop the coping skills to dismantle the walls that you’ve built between you and your partner and create more intimacy, connection, and trust in your romantic relationship.

Couples Issues:

Communication issues


Sexual dissatisfaction

Toxic dynamics

Struggle with expressing feelings and needs

Difficulty negotiating fairly

Trouble with managing anger

Tendency to withdraw and distance

Mismatched attachment styles

Different values on parenting

Feeling alone and disconnected

How marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy can help:

Identify your core beliefs

Create healthy boundaries and set appropriate limits

Learn communication skills

Increase sexual satisfaction and passion

Increase connection and intimacy

Learn skills and tools to effectively respond to your partner

Learn effective strategies for making requests

Learn negotiation skills

Learn to recognize when and how to end a relationship

Parent effectively together

Identify your values

Work together as a team

Rebuild trust

Take the relationship satisfaction questionnaire to assess your how happy you are in your relationship.

Take the Relationship Schema Quiz to find out your core beliefs in relationships.