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SchemACT Online Training Program for

Building Meaningful Relationships

Integrating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy, and Somatic Techniques to Treat Interpersonal Problems

Earn 7 CE Credits

SchemACT: Enhancing Relationships Through Online Training

This online training program presents a groundbreaking holistic therapeutic approach that integrates Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Schema Therapy, Somatic Psychology, and Nonviolent Communication to help individuals strengthen relationships, create healthy boundaries, and build authentic intimacy.

This introductory course, will identify 11 core beliefs (schemas) and relational patterns that damage relationships. Treatment processes drawn from the ACT model and adapted for problematic interpersonal behaviors will be covered, including a conceptual framework, role-plays, client demonstration sessions, and experiential exercises.

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Gain practical skills for overcoming barriers to healthy relationships

You will learn how to work with individuals to identify negative relationship patterns, clarify values, and overcome barriers to values-based actions in relationships.

You will gain practical skills for working with thoughts, feelings, and sensations that act as barriers to values. Including defusion and mindfulness exercises for distancing from painful stories, somatic techniques for embracing difficult emotions and sensations, and behavioral interventions for helping people take effective actions in relationships.

All of the tools that you need to help people break free from their conditioning and develop healthy, enlivening, and fulfilling relationships.

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SchemAct Online training

What you’ll learn

This cutting-edge protocol teaches proven techniques for overcoming barriers to authentic connection and healing interpersonal trauma.

This Workshop will help you:


Understand how your conditioning, core beliefs, and traumas impact your relational patterns


Change your relationship with difficult thoughts, feelings, and sensations that act as barriers to connection.


Learn skills and tools to take effective action, live your values, and develop fulfilling relationships.


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What’s included in the SchemACT to Strengthen Relationships Training

Included in the program


Who is this for?


Expand your toolbox with the SchemACT expert led Program. While earning your continuing education credits from home.

Lesson 1: The Importance of Relationships
Opening statements about the importance of relationships and the role of schemas.

Lesson 2: Theoretical Framework of ACT
Review the theoretical framework of ACT, including Relational Frame Theory and Functional Contextualism.

Lesson 3: SchemACT Formulation
Learn how to conceptualize clients using a SchemACT formulation, and see a discussion of primary pain, secondary pain, and Experiential Avoidance.

Lesson 4: Understanding Schemas
Understand why integrating schemas with ACT is crucial when treating interpersonal problems.

Lesson 5: Steps of Treatment
Review an in-depth description of each step of treatment and intervention process.

Lesson 6: Identifying Schemas
This is a step-by-step guide for identifying schemas and understanding each of the key interpersonal schemas.

Lesson 7: Identifying Schema Avoidance Behaviors
Helping clients identify the Experiential Avoidance strategies they use when triggered in relationships.

Lesson 8: Providing the Formulation
Sharing the formulation and getting a “buy-in” for treatment. Providing your case conceptualization with clients and using the process of creative hopelessness to obtain consent for treatment.

Lesson 9: Clarifying Values
Demonstrations of exercises, metaphors, and ACT techniques for clarifying values.

Lesson 10: Committed Action
Learn to identify specific values-based actions to replace old Schema Avoidance Behaviors.

Lesson 11: Identifying Barriers to Values
We will identify the schema-driven thoughts, feelings, sensations, and urges that act as barriers to values-based actions.

Lesson 12: Overcoming Barriers
Use the six ACT processes to overcome barriers to values-based actions.

Lesson 13: Overcoming Barriers with Defusion
Practice defusion techniques, exercises, and metaphors to work with schema-driven thoughts that act as barriers to values.

Lesson 14: Overcoming Barriers with Self As Context
Utilizing Self As Context to cultivate flexible perspective-taking.

Lesson 15: Overcoming Barriers with Present Moment Acceptance
Working with emotions that show up as barriers to values-based actions. Using mindfulness, self-compassion, present moment contact, acceptance, and somatic experiencing to embrace difficult schema-driven feelings.

Lesson 16: Overcoming barriers with Emotion Exposure
See how using emotion exposure increases willingness to stay in contact with difficult internal experiences.

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