Social Anxiety

Everyone longs to be accepted, seen, and understood by others. We are social creatures, and to a certain degree, we all fear the experience of being socially alienated and isolated from others. Social anxiety disorder, however, can feel much more intense and debilitating than a need to be accepted. social anxiety treatment oaklandIt can interfere with your relationships, the quality of your work, your career, and your quality of life. If you believe your anxiety around others is interfering with having meaningful and satisfying relationships, you might consider seeking treatment for social anxiety.

Although it may seem that others are walking around feeling confident and self-assured, social anxiety is extremely common. In fact, research shows that public speaking has been rated as the number one most feared situation for individuals.

What are the signs?

  • Feeling nervous in social situations
  • Worrying about embarrassing or humiliating yourself in front of others
  • Ruminating about how others perceive you
  • Feeling insecure and inferior
  • Struggling with being authentic and acting spontaneously

 We can help you:

  • Practice exposure
  • Develop social skills training
  • Clarify your values in relationships
  • Challenge the negative thoughts and stories you’ve constructed about yourself
  • Behave authentically and genuinely with others
  • Create more satisfying and fulfilling relationships

Click here to take a social anxiety questionnaire.