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Interpersonal Problems Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help you explore your behaviors and how they may be impacting your relationships. Your responses can provide insight and information that will help you and your therapist deal more effectively with the relationships in your life.

Note: The questionnaire is for informational purposes only and is not intended to function as a psychological or psychiatric assessment. These results are not designed to be utilized as a clinical diagnosis. Diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder requires an extensive evaluation by a trained professional. This quiz is for self-reflection and not a diagnostic tool. It’s essential to consult with a mental health professional for a comprehensive assessment and appropriate support.


We are conducting some cool research and would really appreciate your participation. If you’re willing to have your results used in our anonymous research studies, please answer a few questions after you have taken this questionnaire. We would greatly appreciate your participation.


People may use the following statements to describe themselves in relationships. For each statement, decide how accurately does each statement describe you by using a 4-point scale. Place the answer that best describes you in the box next to the question. At the end, you will receive your score, which will provide you with a brief guide to help you assess your responses and suggest what your next steps might be.

1. I have a hard time asking for help from others when I need it.
2. I find it hard to make requests of others or clearly express my needs.
3. I often feel that my relationships are unfair or that I give more than I get in return.
4. I fear that my needs will not get met in my relationships.
5. I often hold back from expressing my feelings to others.
6. I hide my emotions from others.
7. I need a lot of reassurance from others.
8. I worry that I share too much personal information with others.
9. No one really knows me.
10. I keep secrets from others.
11. I feel guilty saying “no” to others.
12. I often feel guilty disappointing others or letting people down.
13. I try to go along with what others want.
14. Its difficult for me to set limits with others.
15. It’s difficult for me to stand up for myself.
16. I feel uncomfortable showing physical affection.
17. I feel uncomfortable showing appreciation to others.
18. I feel uncomfortable spending time alone.
19. I often get into arguments with others.
20. I have difficulty initiating contact with others.
21. I often agree to do things I don’t really want to do.
22. I usually put other people’s needs before my own.
23. I usually put my own needs before others’.
24. I resent it when others need too much from me.
25. I’m not responsible for helping people with their problems.
26. I feel obligated to meet other people's needs.
27. I feel controlled by others.
28. I feel trapped by others.
29. I feel restricted by others.
30. I try to avoid confrontation.
31. It’s difficult for me to assert myself.
32. I worry about disappointing others.
33. I avoid meeting new people.
34. It’s difficult for me to articulate to others how I feel.
35. I often get angry and aggressive with others.
36. I feel misunderstood by others.
37. I often lose my temper.
38. I often say things to people that I later regret.
39. When I’m angry I use aggressive language with others.
40. I try to ignore concerns that come up in my relationships and hope they go away.
41. It’s difficult for me to trust others.
42. I often feel suspicious of others’ intentions.
43. Its difficult for me too let go of my resentments.
44. I need too much from others.
45. I feel like others need too much from me.
46. I feel suffocated or trapped by others.
47. I feel deprived in most of my relationships.
48. I feel alone in most of my relationships.
49. I feel that others don’t really care about me.
50. I have difficulty following through on my agreements.
51. I feel ambivalent and uncertain about many of my relationships.
52. I have difficulty committing to others.
53. I oscillate between appreciating people and feeling frustrated and disappointed by them.
54. I often feel coerced or manipulated by others.
55. I feel that I have to protect myself in relationships.


This quiz is for self-reflection and not a diagnostic tool. It’s essential to consult with a mental health professional for a comprehensive assessment and appropriate support.