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Emotional Dysregulation Quiz

This questionnaire will help you explore your emotions and how they affect you in your daily life. Your responses can provide insight and information about your emotional reactions in relationships and your ability to tolerate high levels of emotions. You may also discuss your results with your therapist to help you deal more effectively with emotional issues in your life.

Note: This questionnaire is for informational purposes only and is not intended to function as a psychological or psychiatric assessment. These results are not a clinical diagnosis. Diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder requires an extensive evaluation by a trained professional. This quiz is for self-reflection and not a diagnostic tool. It’s essential to consult with a mental health professional for a comprehensive assessment and appropriate support.


We are conducting some cool research and would really appreciate your participation. If you’re willing to have your results used in our anonymous research studies, please answer a few questions after you have taken this questionnaire. We would greatly appreciate your participation.


Think abut the current month and ask yourself if any of the following statements described your experiences. For each statement, decide how accurately it describes you by checking the box that precedes it. At the end, you will receive your score, which will provide you with a brief guide to help you understand what your responses suggest about your level of emotional reactivity.

In the past month, how often have you experienced the following:

1. My emotions felt out of control.
2. I couldn't stop thinking about what I was upset about.
3. I couldn't focus on other important tasks in my life.
4. I did or said things that I later regretted.
5. My anger felt out of control.
6. I tried to avoid certain feelings.
7. I felt like my life was falling apart.
8. I felt unclear about what I was feeling.
9. I felt confused about my emotions.
10. I couldn't articulate my emotions.
11. I had trouble expressing my emotions.
12. I had difficulty naming and labeling what I was feeling.
13. My emotions felt overwhelming.
14. I felt that I overreacted to a situation.
15. I felt ashamed of my feelings.
16. I felt guilty about how I reacted to a person or situation.
17. It took me a long time to calm back down.
18. I felt that my behaviors were out of control.
19. I felt my emotions were urgent and that I had to take immediate action.
20. I couldn't calm down until I had answers about the situation.
21. I had difficulty making sense of and/or understanding my emotional responses.
22. I felt afraid of my emotions.
23. I felt afraid that my emotional pain would never end.
24. I felt a desperate urge to get rid of my painful emotions.


This quiz is for self-reflection and not a diagnostic tool. It’s essential to consult with a mental health professional for a comprehensive assessment and appropriate support.