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COVID-19 Mental Health Resources and Support:

During these challenging times we want to assure you that our clinicians are ready to continue providing therapy services.

Online Therapy Available:

ALL of our clinicians are offering teletherapy. Your sessions are conducted over a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. Teletherapy sessions are very much the same as in-person sessions, except you will be meeting with your therapist via video rather than in person. Teletherapy has been shown to be equally effective to in-person meetings, and is confidential.

You still have, and will continue to have, access to the support that you need, and may continue to need. We are currently offering individual online counseling, online couples therapy as well as online groups and workshops. If you are a current client, your clinician will provide you with further instructions and a link to your online meeting room. If you are interested in becoming a new client, please reach out to our Care-Coordinator and they can schedule you for your session.

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