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Check out our latest articles and news about CBT including information about mindfulness, acceptance, self-compassion, relationship problems, schema identification, dealing with urges, interpersonal communication and more. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a term used to describe a form of therapeutic treatment that combines strategies used in both cognitive and behavior therapies as well as other scientifically proven evidence-based treatments. These treatments have demonstrated to be highly effective in alleviating a variety of struggles including: panic, social phobia, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety and rumination, eating disorders, marital distress, anger, chronic pain, and trauma. CBT helps individuals develop effective coping skills.

CBT schemas self distortion

Schemas and Self-Distortions

This video really touched me because it captures a common problem that I regularly see; the way that our schemas and core beliefs radically distort our perceptions of ourselves. While…
CBT Center
October 14, 2015
taking time out adult therapy

Adults Need Time-Outs Too

I’m frequently asked whether it's ever OK to walk away from a fight. The short answer is yes. You should take a break from a heated argument because the type…
CBT Center
September 24, 2015
ride the wave urge surfing

Ride the Waves with Urge Surfing

How do you tend to respond to a powerful urge? Are there certain experiences that show up more frequently for you? Are there particular experiences that you attempt to avoid?…
CBT Center
September 9, 2015
podcast marilou henna with abby lev

Dr. Lev on the Marilu Henner Show

Dr. Lev discusses relationships, schemas, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and her books on The Marilu Henner show. Dr. Avigail Lev is a licensed clinical psychologist in California  and a certified…
CBT Center
September 4, 2015
interpersonal schemas

11 Interpersonal Schemas

Interpersonal schemas are basically mental frameworks or blueprints that we develop throughout our lives to make sense of our interactions with other people. They're like ingrained patterns of thinking and…
CBT Center
September 9, 2014
value based therapy act ce webinar

Values Are The Journey

Values represent and define the kind of person you want to be and what is important to you. One strategy for starting to clarify your values is to imagine witnessing…
CBT Center
July 15, 2014